The supplies in your bug out bag are what you’ll need to stay alive in a situation where you have to get out of dodge. But most people make the mistake of packing two or more items, when one of them can serve multiple purposes.

If you cut down on all the items you pack, you save weight in your bag and you save your strength because you’ll be carrying a lighter bag when you go. Instead of packing a heavy tent for a shelter, pack a tarp.

Not only can it be used in place of a tent, but it can also be used as a hammock, a windbreaker, and a water collector. Instead of packing eating utensils, pack sporks. You can use them as both a spoon and a fork.

Tools are usually where a lot of preppers waste valuable space in their bug out bag. People will pack dozens of different items like screwdrivers, saws, or pliers when you can find a multitool that can do the job of several different items.

You can get a multitool that can be used as a screwdriver, as a wood saw, as a knife, a wrench, pliers, hardwire cutters, a crimper and even as a hammer. Gadgets are another way that people fill up their bug out bag.

Most of these gadgets really are necessary – such as a radio, a communication device, flashlights and more. But instead of packing items that serve only one purpose, make as many items as you can do two jobs at least.

Instead of carrying a separate flashlight and radio in your bug out bag, get one instead that’s both a flashlight as well as a radio and charging device for your smart phone. One item that can do the job of several other things is dental floss.

This can be used to secure shelter to a tree instead of rope. It can be used to fix tears in clothing or to create a warning system against possible intruders. Floss can be used to sew up wounds or as fishing line.

In a pinch, it can be used as tinder or to slice through something if you don’t have a knife. You might think of salt as a flavoring for food and nothing more – but this can be used as an antibacterial treatment and it can be used to disinfect items.

You can pack small salt packets in your bag instead of bulky containers of antibacterial treatment that only serve once purpose. Bodywash can take the place of soap as well as shampoo and can even be used to wash clothing.

Vaseline can be used as an antibiotic treatment and as a fire starter. Trash bags can be used as rain gear, water proofing or as a water reservoir. Look through your bug out bag and see what items can be combined to save space and allow you to pack something you may have had to leave behind instead.

Together We Can Survive Anything,
Dean Miller
American Survivor

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