Wolves used to be creatures of nightmares, fanged beasts who lurked in dark forests, ravaging any fool who dared trespass. Today, wolves are often seen as either the noblest of dogs, or overgrown puppies.

In modern times, people love and romanticize wolves for their cunning and independent personalities. They’re like a fox, but more sinister. And one term has become very much in vogue, the “lone wolf.”

Pop culture has deeply sexualized the concept of a “lone wolf.” Think the Lone Ranger and Clint Eastwood. A lone wolf is a cowboy riding his steed alone into the sunset, a biker thundering across desert sands, a vagabond wandering from place to place. A lone wolf doesn’t care for rules and conventions. A lone wolf is a rebel who blazes his own path.

It certainly is sexy. But, it’s time for a reality check.

I’ve heard certain preppers discussing their “lone wolf” survival plans, which simply means riding out a disaster scenario completely alone, without any sort of support system or community to help you. These so-called “serious” survivalists typically believe their “survival skills” are more than enough to survive both short term and long term disaster scenarios.This is a stupid, horrible idea for many reasons which I’ll share with you today.

First of all, you as an individual only have two hands. You only have two eyes.

Let’s talk about your two hands for a moment. Our modern conveniences make it easy to forget just how much work it takes to maintain life without the assistance of machines. If you find yourself in a true long-term disaster scenario, daily life is going to require a lot more time, effort and energy.

Think about the last time you went camping without electricity. Even cooking ONE meal takes forever. You have to create and maintain a fire. Assuming you’re not eating off your preps, you have to somehow get ahold of food. Then you must prepare this food, get water to cook with and drink, clean it all up, yes, again, this is just for ONE meal.  True enough, you can do these things alone, but how much time do you really have on your two hands?

Then there’s your two eyes. From a security standpoint, being a lone wolf is a terrible idea, not to mention incredibly dangerous. You have to sleep sometime. You are much safer off taking security shifts with at least one or two other people. You’ll be able to get some actual sleep while someone has your back.

Speaking of security, no matter how tough you think you are, how much military training you have, there’s always someone tougher than you are.

Lone wolf survivalists love to talk big. Some even boast how they not only plan to defend what they have alone with one hand tied behind their back, but also how they can and plan to take from other survivors by force. Not only is this grossly unethical, it’s also stupid. No matter how tough you are, there is ALWAYS someone who’s a better shot, is more experienced, and is an even more unethical jerk than you are. You’re NOT the baddest fish in the pond and you never will be, and this type of thinking will get you killed.

Here’s another thing to think about; what happens when you get hurt? No matter how much ammo, food preps and survival training you have, a broken hand or foot is going to slow you down fast. Before throwing your nose up at community survival, remember you may very well need some good people to save your life if (or I should say WHEN) you get injured.

Staying on good terms with people will help you avoid injuries in the first place, and when you do get injured, you’re going to need their help while you heal.

Many people in the prepper world love to fantasize and debate about survival topics but don’t actually put any real thought into it. It’s a game to them. SURVIVAL ISN’T A WAR GAME. If you’re sincerely going to make a plan for a disaster, you must be realistic.

There is strength in numbers and your individual survival skills can only keep you alive for so long. Yes, the concept of being a “lone wolf” survivor is seductive and appealing to many, but it does no good to play the denial game.And, after all, in reality, even wolves survive in packs.

Together We Can Survive Anything,
Dean Miller
American Survivor

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