Someday you may have to defend yourself and your family against an armed and dangerous assailant. In this situation, many people make the mistake of freezing up, and end up dead.

I will share with you some tactics I’ve learned during my extensive military experience that will help you get out of this situation alive.

First, understand who your potential enemies are. It’s not just terrorists who pose an immediate threat. As America continues to decline morally, those with hate in their hearts and a desire to lash out at capitalism will come forward. Think young, counter-culture Americans that band together to attack other people. One example is the famous Columbine High School massacre in 1999, where two high school students walked into school and started shooting people.

To be clear, I’m not telling you to be paranoid. I’m telling you to be aware.

This awareness will help you to avoid a shooting rampage in the first place by simply avoiding being at a place where it is likely to occur.In the event you are caught in the line of fire, then you have some quick decisions to make. You’ve got three options, run, hide or fight.

Whatever you do, don’t freeze. If you are at a distance where you can run away from the shooter in a reasonable amount of time, start running in the opposite direction, preferably in a zig zag pattern (a moving target is almost impossible to hit, no matter how good a shot the shooter is).

If you have time, grab a fire extinguisher to leave a path of smoke behind you to make it harder for the shooter to see you, as a way of covering your tracks.

Keep the extinguisher and other sharp objects to use as weapons if you face the shooter. But don’t waste time looking for weapons or ways to cover your tracks if it’ll keep you from escaping

If the shooter is too close to run away from, decide if you have enough time to barricade yourself in a room before hiding.

It should only take a few seconds to determine if your best course of action should be to run or to hide.

If the shooter is rapidly approaching the room you’re in, then you should prepare to hide as soon as possible. If you have more time, but not enough time to run, then you should barricade yourself and call the authorities before you hide.

If you need to hide and have time to barricade yourself and there are multiple people in the room, you should delegate tasks. One person or group of people should lock and barricade the door. One person or group of people should call 9-1-1, and one person or group of people should grab all the weapons they can find.

Immediately turn off the lights in the room where you are. This will disorient the shooter and make it look less likely that there are people in the room.

Consider playing dead if you can’t hide yourself. This only works if shots have been fired and you’re already in a room or place when people have been shot and have no place to hide.

Then, if the shooter approaches your location, you can take a risk and play dead, hoping that he’ll think that you’re among the dead and will pass you by. However, this is a risky move because he may not believe you’re dead, and you may be too nervous to stay completely still.

Remember that attacking the shooter is your final option. You shouldn’t jump out of your hiding place and attack the shooter if he’s approaching. You should only fight him if you’re sure that you’ll be shot if you do nothing.

If fighting is the only way out, don’t try to reason with the shooter or plead for your life.

Trying to engage with the shooter, ask him what he’s doing, or to plead for your life by talking about your family has not been proven effective in dealing with shooters. The shooter will be on a rampage and will be beyond hearing the voice of reason, so don’t waste your time by trying to talk to him — you’re much better off fighting.

If there are multiple people in the room, ambush the shooter. If there are multiple people in the room and he can see all of them, then you should all try to attack him at once, hurting him, throwing objects, and doing everything you can to render him powerless. You may not want to fight the shooter if you see that someone else is doing it, but strength in numbers will make it more likely that you’ll survive.

Attack the shooter with any weapon you can. Use your sharp scissors, glass, or any other sharp or heavy objects to attack the shooter immediately. Even a sharp ballpoint pen or pencil could be the perfect weapon for gouging out the shooter’s eyes. You’re fighting for your life and every second counts. Don’t hesitate just because he has a gun and you don’t.

Try to hurt the shooter in the face, eyes, shoulders, or neck, or arms, so that he’s more likely to let go of his weapon. You should stab him in the neck, gouge out his eyes, or stab him in the arm — doing anything you can to make him get rid of that weapon or to hurt him so the weapon is within your reach.

If you can’t go for his face or weapon, kick him in the crotch. This will be an effective way to disarm him and to cause him a large amount of pain.

Don’t think about being shot. Focus on fighting for your life, knowing that most people who are shot by a gun actually survive. Stay strong and fight for your life with everything you’ve got instead of worrying about the worst-case scenario. This may sound nearly impossible, but this is the best thing you can do if you want to survive the shooting.

Together We Can Survive Anything,
Dean Miller
American Survivor

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