The United States was business as usual when 9/11 occurred. In the blink of an eye, the world was gripped by a senseless act of terrorism. Thousands of lives were lost, and the loved ones were left behind were devastated.

This terrible situation revealed the importance of needing a communication plan. In the aftermath of this terrorism attack, many people suddenly discovered their cell phones weren’t working.

Systems people relied on failed them. Some of these systems became jammed because they couldn’t handle the heavy volume of calls people were attempting to send.

In many cases, first responders reached the scene and discovered they had no way to communicate with their own loved ones. After the towers fell, frightened people waited, some for 24-48 hours, to hear if their family members were safe.

Those who tried to rescue survivors found themselves caught up in a swirl of communication problems. The communication failures of 9/11 was a learning experience because it taught us not to rely on one form of communication such as cell phones.

It taught people when there’s a communication blackout, they’re left feeling helpless and wondering how to reach loved ones. The problem with having one communication system that doesn’t work is that a lot of people then feel that all they must do is get into their vehicle and just drive.

They believe they can get to a friend or a relative and just make whatever calls they need to make. But you can’t always get out of a situation just because you have a car.

Roads become clogged with debris after the terrorist attacks, which made transportation out of the area impossible in many cases on 9/11. Many cars and trucks were destroyed by what happened.

The people who were there didn’t have a way out and so they filled the streets trying to escape. Sadly, what happened on 9/11 isn’t guaranteed to never happen again.

As long as there are terrorist groups and “lone wolfs” determined to wreak havoc on us, there will always be risks to your way of life.  When a SHTF situation occurs, do you know what you’re going to do for communication?

Do you know how you’re going to contact your family? Do they know how they can reach you? Having the means to be able to communicate is vital to survival and you must do what you must do in order to communicate when your normal avenues fail you.


Together We Can Survive Anything,

Dean Miller

American Survivor


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