Knowing how to survive in any situation is important – and those who understand are prepared for whatever happens. Having everything you need for any situation is a huge task to undertake, and the more people in a family, the bigger task it will become.

One person can’t prepare for the needs of everyone. The job is simply too overwhelming. The reason it’s overwhelming is because survival efforts aren’t limited to one category.

For example, there’s the food category. Not only do you have to plan for a short -term supply, but you also have to plan for a long-term supply.  A list of the foods you’ll need most be created.

Then, there’s the shopping for the food. After that, there’s the storage. Then someone must make sure that the food is rotated. An inventory needs to be kept. Just keeping track of the food alone is enough for one person to handle.

Then there’s making sure there’s enough water. Then there are lists for medications and other supplies. Someone needs to head up self-defense supplies and preparation.

Another person should know how to handle illnesses and what supplies should be gathered. One person can’t do it all. Besides it being too much for one person to handle, it’s not wise for one person to have all the prepper knowledge kept to themselves.

If something happens to the person who’s always handled the entire survival effort, the others in the family won’t know what to do. Every single person in the family needs to get involved.

Even small children can play a role in making sure that the preparation efforts are set up and then overseen. Tasks should be assigned to everyone in the family. Not only should each member have assigned prepper tasks, but there should also be a rotation schedule.

This way, everyone knows everything there is to know about each aspect of survival. If someone is ever on their own or gets separated from the group, then he or she will know what they need to do to survive.

You must know how to work together as a unit as well as separately. Besides putting aside supplies, you’ll need to know a lot of other preparation aspects. Each person should know about shelter and how to treat water, how to stay warm, how to get to shelter and more.


Together We Can Survive Anything,

Dean Miller

American Survivor


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