Going off the grid takes time to implement. But what would you do if the SHTF tomorrow while you were at work? Would you be prepared? Would your family be in a lost, panicked state, unable to reach one another across the city?

You have to have a short-term, immediate plan in place as well as the long-term phase. You need to learn the four different categories that emergencies fall into and how you can act rather than get caught having to react. Most people can handle life’s simple annoyances.

This is part of life, and these disasters can happen to everyone and anyone, such as getting stuck on the side of the road because your car broke down. They’re easy to deal with even though they’re stressful because no one’s life is at stake.

In a SHTF situation when there’s a possible life or death event, it changes the response level. If something happens that makes it impossible for you to stay where you are, then you have to be ready to snap into action and get out of town.

Your survival might depend on understanding the risks that you’re going to face from other people in a SHTF situation. You have to know how to defend yourself and your family because if you don’t know, you’re going to be easy prey for those who will not only take your supplies, but could want to hurt your family as well.

If someone in your family becomes ill when everything is fairly normal in your life, you can just take your child to the doctor or go to the emergency room. But what happens when the possibility to do either one of those isn’t available?

Will you know how to help yourself or your family through a serious illness? Could you nurse them through a life threatening illness? Or how about a tooth emergency?

You can’t wait until you need the knowledge – because by then, the situation is upon you and you’ll forced to evacuate without supplies or wait in the hope that the government or someone else comes to your aid.

Just look at how well relying on others worked out in past SHTF situations and you’ll understand the importance of becoming self-reliant in all matters of survival.


Together We Can Survive Anything,

Dean Miller

American Survivor


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