It’s time to be upfront; Nobody’s favorite organization, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was created so the United States Congress and President could be seen to be doing something about terrorist threats after September 11. 2001. This is to say the “security theater” that is the TSA is performing for one audience; the American electorate.

The TSA was also created to crush the independent American spirit. The best example especially in this context is the bravery of the crew and passengers of United Airlines Flight 93 on 9/11. Once they realized they’d been hijacked, they overpowered the criminals and stopped the airliner from taking out the Capitol building (the intended target). They unfortunately lost their lives in the process when the plane crashed into a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania and all 44 people aboard were killed.

The actions of the brave souls on UA 93 are a perfect example of how well-informed, personally accountable people behave; they come together for the common good and take care of their fellow man. The country was under attack, and they threw themselves on the grenade to defend America. The existence of the TSA dishonors these people and doesn’t say much for the government’s opinion of Americans; that we’re helpless in the face of terrorism.

Prior to September 11, 2001, travel security was handled by each individual airport. These security jobs were usually contracted out to seedy firms who paid high school drop-outs a pathetic wage to do subpar security. Because in so many cases a third-party employed the security agents, the lines of accountability were weak at best when trying to clean up after 9/11.

So, what happened? A massive government bureaucracy was formed, and those same low-quality employees were hired back at the same terrible wages, but given a badge and the procedures went from unpleasant, but tolerable to obnoxious and offensive.

When an underwear bomber attempted to blow up a plane bound for Detroit in 2009, Homeland Security implemented stricter security measures at airport checkpoints. As was to be expected.

With air traveler ire on the rise over the mandated whole-body scans and pat downs, ironically, it was our government rather than the international terrorist who were pointed to as public enemy number one.

Never mind how the TSA is a confessed disappointment. In a 2010 testimony for a House subcommittee, TSA officials admitted it is still not known if the body scanners were able to detect the weapon used for the 2009 attack attempt by the Detroit underwear bomber. A report published by the General Accounting Office states the body scanners failed to detect the presence of an explosive inserted in the rectum.

These invasive “security measures” are starting to look suspiciously like the fortified Maginot Lines of WWII.

If these body scans and pat downs aren’t working to keep us safe from terrorists, why does Homeland Security and TSA continue with this mass humiliation?

Perhaps they’re trying to keep us away from flying? Or are they secretly collecting our biometric data? The theories abound.

In response to growing public anger, the Department of Homeland Security remains stoic, politely smiling, saying the agency has an open ear to suggestions for improvements, such as concerns about the scanners taking and storing naked body images.

One note, Senators, Congressmen and other government bigwigs do not have to pass through these embarrassing checkpoints.

For the rest of us, I suppose we have the right to travel by other means. But, do you feel like swimming to Europe?

Together We Can Survive Anything,

Dean Miller

American Survivor

P.S. Today, nearly two decades after 9/11, the face of terrorism has changed permanently. What the TSA and DHS won’t tell you is terrorism and terrorist tactics are constantly changing and as such, so are the very people perpetrating these crimes.

Terrorists are being hunted by every government in the World, but they’re not being caught. They just change, adapt and new terror groups pop up every month.

ISIS does something terrorist groups before it didn’t do. They are an adaptation, a refinement of Al Qaeda. Almost like a more powerful strain of the same virus.

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