Have you ever heard of the TSA PreCheck program?

No, I’m not giving a commercial plug here. For those not familiar, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has a PreCheck scheme which works like a fast lane to get you through airport security quicker and onto your plane.

You must be a permanent resident or US citizen to apply, with no convictions. You must provide your basic biographical information. After gathering all the applicable documents (driver’s license, passport, immigration documentation if needed, etc.), you need to make an appointment at an application center.

Yes, you must show up in-person.

You’ll be fingerprinted and interviewed about your travel habits and be asked some personal questions.

You can request various levels of clearance with TSA Precheck, and the program will set you back $85 to $100 to apply based on the clearance level you want. If you are approved, you’ll be clear to skip the security line at the airport and go through a fast-track process.

For this, you must reapply as well as pay every five years.

How convenient.

It’s as if the TSA thinks we don’t notice the outrageous wait times to get through security, often leading to missed flights.

If you live anywhere near Chicago, you may be familiar with the TSA security fiasco last May, when 450 American Airlines passengers attempting to fly from O’Hare International Airport couldn’t get to their gate on time, stranded after TSA security lines went over three hours.

The chronically bloated, yet somehow still understaffed TSA touts their paid PreCheck program as the only relief for travelers.

Are they slowing things down on purpose so they can push their PreCheck scheme? Because that would be blatant extortion.

There is no solid evidence to support the claim the TSA is indirectly forcing consumers into paying for their PreCheck. But, the department offers no other solutions for travelers, so one can’t help but wonder…..

All of us who hate the TSA are in good company. Airports are just as unhappy about it, and are fighting back. Following the Chicago incident last year, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey threatened to replace the TSA with private contractors if its performance did not improve. The administration declined to respond publicly.


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