Despite the best efforts of the powers that be in the United States to conceal the invasive, illegal and insane things the National Security Administration (NSA) does, the cat is out of the bag. It’s become common knowledge we are all under mass surveillance.

The worst thing is by now most Americans have accepted we have no privacy and are accustomed to this. It doesn’t seem to bother people anymore.

Well, it bothers me. And it should bother you, too.

Mass surveillance is bad. It stifles contention and breeds concurrence. Above all, it’s unconstitutional and far more protruding than any of us even know.

Our government continues to lie nevertheless, repeating over and over that so long as we have nothing to hide, we have nothing to fear. There are some who accept this and some even go so far as to purport if we’re not doing anything wrong, privacy doesn’t even matter.

This is a lie. Privacy matters. It matters a lot. It matters more than you probably think.

To illustrate why you should fight for privacy, for example, do you ever sing in the shower? Do you ever dance alone? Nothing’s wrong with song and dance, and most of us do enjoy both from time to time. But, many of us choose to sing and dance privately because we’re uncomfortable doing it in front of other people. In this case, you may not have anything damning to hide, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be allowed to choose to boogie and croon privately if you wish.

The trouble with the mass surveillance mindset is there are not just two kinds of people on Earth. The planet isn’t divided up by “good people” and “bad people.” We’re simply people and we all do things we don’t want to be seen doing.

In other words, we’ve all got things to hide.

There’s far more to it however than keeping our humiliating secrets from the World.

The knowledge we’re being watched changes everything we do. When humans know they’re being monitored or watched, behavior changes drastically.

Mass surveillance builds a penitentiary in the mind. Looking at the government’s agenda with the NSA, this seems a very sneaky, yet remarkably effective method of cultivating obedience and loyalty to social norms and orthodoxy. This means of fostering compliance is more powerful than any amount of brute force.

Surveillance robs us of our imminent freedoms. This guarantees subservience, for if we believe there’s always an authority watching us, we’ll never transgress. We’ll never dare think outside the box. We’ll never dare have any ideas of our own.

By saying “but, there’s nothing to hide,” we’re avoiding the real problem. It’s not about who’s a “good person” with nothing to hide or a “bad person” with sins to cover up. It’s about the value of privacy to all Americans.

Together We Can Survive Anything,

Dean Miller

American Survivor

P.S. Whatever your thoughts are about Wikileaks – the global organization devoted to the gathering and publishing of classified information stolen from world governments, they have recently dealt the CIA a serious blow by releasing a huge cache of classified information about the way CIA hackers are able to penetrate and monitor computers, cell phones, televisions, and even vehicles.

As an American I feel it’s my responsibility to show you exactly what the CIA is doing, how they’re violating your rights to privacy and how you can stop them from being able to do so.

Click here for the ugly truth.

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