Here in the U.S., there is always a war going on. The war on drugs. The war on AIDS. The war on terror. The war on poverty. In recent years, the global elites have started a new war, and it’s the war on……. Cash?!?!?!?

There’s a war on cash? Meaning there’s a war on money?

In a way, yes. There is now a war being waged on YOUR money.

The idea of waging war on money is astonishingly stupid. But, if you look closer, you’ll see deep, dark reasons why certain powers that be would prefer cash to go away.

Suspicions were aroused when policymakers started prodding the U.S. to outlaw the $100 bill and the $50 bill. There’s also been talk of banning the €500 note. The war on cash became even more obvious last year when India successfully banned certain bank notes in an effort to muscle more agricultural businesses into the banking system to gather more tax revenue from sales of livestock.

Liberal economic lawmakers justify getting rid of the big bills because it is easier to make illegal transactions anonymously with large bank notes.

This notion may seem accurate at first glance, but it is unfortunately short-sighted. The $100 bill is the most popular bank note in the world. There are more than 10 billion Benjamins in circulation. The major evildoers in the world, ISIS, the drug cartels, all those lovely terrorist groups are not going to be seriously hindered by having to carry their ill-gotten gains in smaller bills.

Banning big bills is, unfortunately, just the beginning.

You can see how they’re starting first with the larger bills and working their way down. The real reason for starting the war on cash is a nasty power trip by our government.

Think about the anonymity you have when you pay for things in cash versus paying via check or charge. If cash goes away, citizens will have much less privacy when conducting transactions. By moving to total electronic commerce, Big Government can more easily monitor our purchases.

This will make it much easier for the government to curtail things it doesn’t like, such as purchasing fast food, alcohol, guns, etc.

These policymakers labor under the delusion that they can control the economy and do it better. Legislators all over the world are famous for blaming their citizens’ spending and investing habits for their failing economies. What is their solution?

The latest and most popular solution among congressmen for getting the public to spend money the way it should is introducing negative interest rates. The logic is if citizens are forced to pay storage fees for their money, then they will be more compelled to spend. Doing away with large notes will restrict cash hoarding.

Get it? Negative interest rates would create a strong stimulus to hold cash deposits, mostly in large notes. If these large bills go away, saving in cash will become increasingly more inconvenient.

In short, the global elites are manipulating the value of our money. Your money.

As the war on cash accelerates, there will be many casualties. Will you be one of them?

Together We Can Survive Anything,

Dean Miller

American Survivor

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