In the post 9/11 years since the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was formed to “prevent terrorist attacks within the United States,” the department has morphed from a knee-jerk reaction to the tragedy fifteen years ago into a monster with greasy tentacles invading the privacy and even impeding the rights of every American citizen.

There are six good reasons for abolishing the DHS altogether. First, the organization has no leadership; second, terrorism is not as great a threat as they would have us believe; third, the FBI has stopped more terrorists than the DHS; fourth, it’s an outrageous waste of money; fifth, the DHS is grossly overweight; and sixth, there is no economic justification for the DHS stealing our civil liberties.

What civil liberties, you may be asking.

The DHS tracks your cell phone with Stingray devices. These devices, granted to local law enforcement by the DHS, equip police to track individual cell phones, and their owners, without any sort of warrant or order. It’s quite considerable just how much information about your activities, whereabouts and interactions these devices track. We carry our phones with us everywhere we go. This allows those stingrays to paint a precise picture of where we are and who we’re talking to, including but not limited to where we are in a paramour’s home, a shrink’s office, or a protest meeting.

DHS also directs government workers to spy on you. Your firefighters, police officers, even corporate employees can be recruited Terrorism Liaison Officers. They are trained to spy on you and report back to federal entities on the daily goings-on in the lives of their fellow citizens. These people are authorized and instructed to report “suspicious activity” which can include such inauspicious activities as taking pictures for no apparent reason, drawing and taking measurements, taking notes, and buying items in bulk.

And the spying doesn’t stop there. DHS is responsible for conducting widespread espionage networks using fusion centers. There are data collecting agencies all over the country monitoring our electronic communications constantly. These agencies are added by the National Security Agency (NSA) fusion centers. There are at least 78 of these centers spread around the U.S. Everything is subject, from our internet activity to text messages, phone calls and emails. The data is collected, catalogued and then given to the interconnected government agencies; the FBI, the CIA and the local police. These fusion centers have a budget estimated to be between 289 million dollars and 1.4 billion dollars, despite producing mostly irrelevant or inappropriate intelligence.

The DHS has been a leader in funding and utilizing drones and other spybots for land, sea and air surveillance. They have continued expanding their fleet of Predator drones, which are equipped with infrared cameras, video cameras, radar and heat sensors. These drones are also loaned out to local, state and federal police for various projects. The DHS has not been forthcoming with any details as to how and why these drones are being used by law enforcement agencies.

In addition to using surveillance robots, the DHS has funneled millions of dollars to local governments across the nation for the purchase of city-wide cameras. These camera systems create an intricate surveillance network capable of targeting all of us.

The DHS can be described as wasteful, bloated, and fear-mongering. It is expediting America’s metamorphosis into a police state via its establishment as a national police force on our country’s soil.

Together We Can Survive Anything,

Dean Miller
American Survivor

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