American Survivor is about just that, giving American’s the information they need to survive anything that may come your way. The United States was founded by men and women who knew how to survive and it’s our goal to instill those same skills in today’s population. Our message reaches over 700,000 proud Americans every day and we hope that number continues to grow!

About us

American Survivor was founded by Jack Benson in 2015. After over 20 years in the military Jack retired and devoted himself to training civilians in the hundreds of survival and preparedness skills he’d perfected. While teaching these training camps Jack discovered just how many Americans wanted to learn survival skills so he went on a search to put together a staff of survival and preparedness experts to create the most complete resource for them to utilize and was born.

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I love the Constitution. But there are some who don’t love the Second Amendment. There’s evidence to suggest our federal government is one such...
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