As survivors, we know how important it is to stockpile ammo, but I shudder to think how many people are storing their ammo incorrectly, only to find this precious commodity useless when they need it the most. I don’t want you to get caught up a creek without a paddle, so I will share with you my tips for storing ammo and firearms correctly so you can be armed and ready when SHTF.

You want to set aside a stockpile of ammo and firearms because you may not be able to buy them when you need them, and as with any stockpile of supplies, the way ammo and firearms are stored is important. While you might think ammo is too durable to get damaged, it’s not true. There are specific culprits that cause ammo to break down.

Heat is one such enemy. When ammo is exposed to high temperatures, over time, the powder begins to deteriorate and ammo gone bad is no good to you when you need it.

You have to remember metal expands in high temperatures. So, to protect it against the breakdown caused by heat, store all of your ammo in a dry location. You want to store it in the original container it comes in.

Slide the original container down inside another airtight container and seal it up. Some people choose to use those surplus military ammo containers while other people use a dehumidifier where their ammo is stored.

You can also use moisture absorbers like those silica gel packs. If kept from the heat and other things that cause the ammo to break down, you can expect your ammo to last you at least 10 years or longer.

Moisture is another problem with ammo. The moisture can wreak havoc with the ammo and can lead to misfires if used. Humidity is one of the causes of moisture damaging ammunition.

You want to keep the humidity level in the storage area as low as you possibly can. If you drop ammunition in water and then immediately use it, you won’t have a problem. It’s long term exposure to moisture you have to worry about.

Light is also hell on your ammo. You want to make sure you keep your ammo stored in a dark place – away from light – especially sunlight since sunlight can cause temperature variances.

You want to follow the same rules for storing your firearms you use for storing your ammo. Keep your firearms away from heat, moisture and light as well. Years ago, soldiers used to hide weapons.

Some survivors hide firearms beneath the ground in airtight, waterproof containers which are sealed in protective padding and wrapping and many years later, those firearms still work beautifully.

There are laws governing the stockpiling of ammo and weapons so you want to make sure you follow the laws for your state. For example, some of the laws prohibit people from stockpiling too much of either weapons or ammunition.

Check out laws referring to ‘stockpiling of weapons’ or ‘stockpiling of ammo.’ In some cities, you have to have permits if you want to store a lot of ammo and weapons. Then again, some people ignore this completely or store their weapons across many cities or states to be gathered in the event of an emergency.

Together We Can Survive Anything,
Dean Miller
American Survivor

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